“jelly Belly” of Popcorn


This is the ideal promotional item.  We can customize almost any color in our famous candied popcorn, plus we have over 20 flavors available.  As an example, is your company logo dark blue and white?  Then we can make blueberry and vanilla popcorn.  Orange and black?  Either orange flavor and black vanilla, or black cherry and orange vanilla (food coloring with our vanilla).  We then package it into a 12” x 1” plastic bag, and then put a twist tie on top, which then could be used to put your business card on top.  What better way to put a lasting impression on someone than customized candied popcorn! 

We sell our tubes of popcorn to:

Real estate agents


Trade show gifts

Grand openings

Special events

Many more…



20 - 50                 $1.25 each

51 – 99                $1.10 each

100 – 199            $1.00 each

200 – 400            $0.90 each

Over 400             $0.80 each                            

Our popcorn tubes are fun just to snack on!

Some choices we offer…

All American (Cherry, Blueberry, Vanilla)


Apple Caramel Crisp (Apple Pie & Caramel)

Chocolate Caramel Delight

Badger (Red cherry and vanilla)

Chocolate Vanilla

Caramel with Nuts


Caramel w/o Nuts

Root Beer Float (Root Beer & Vanilla)

Champion Green & Gold (Vanilla Flavor)

Strawberry & Banana

Tuitty Fruitty                    (Watermelon, Vanilla, Grape,

Orange, Banana, Blue Raspberry)

Shipping and handling charges apply.  You can arrange for a pick up time and stop by What’s Poppin’ for your order.  We appreciate your business!  By appointment only.

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